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ResMed’s BIPAP masks combine lightweight comfort with user-friendly design to provide superior fit and seal, helping ensure your sleep apnea therapy is as effective and comfortable as possible.

As the (number one) sleep apnea mask brand preferred by patients,* ResMed’s masks provide the most effective sleep therapy possible — they’re comfortable, lightweight and engineered for minimal coverage. 

*An independent survey was conducted with positive airway pressure patients from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Australia, including patients who have used more than one different brand of positive airway pressure mask. The survey was conducted by a third party, Decision Architecture Limited (formerly DVL Smith), at ResMed’s request and expense.


Based on the collective survey results, of those expressing a preference, the data demonstrates, at the 95% confidence level, that ResMed is the preferred mask brand. The detailed results of the survey are proprietary to ResMed. This survey was conducted March 2017.



Model:  AirFit F30

  • smaller style full face mask designed to sit low on your face and cover less of it for fewer facial marks

  • Perfect for wearing glasses, sleeping on your side and helping you feel less claustrophobic

  • In recent studies, the ResMed AirFit F30 was the most preferred mask of its kind. A majority of BIPAP users found it easier to use and more comfortable than the market-leading, minimal-contact full face mask.

  • With a minimal-contact mask AirFit F30, you’ll experience fewer facial marks than you would with a traditional full face mask. Its Ultra-Compact cushion is designed to seal securely under the nose to prevent top-of-the-nose soreness/irritation/red marks.


Model:  AirFit N30i

  • effective Top-of-the-head tube design gives you the freedom to sleep in many positions

  • Curved nasal cradle cushion covers less of your face than a traditional nasal mask and sits discreetly under your nose, not in it

  • SpringFit frame adapts for a stable, personalised fit

  • Air flows through the frame for a soft yet secure cradle seal

  • Minimalist design leaves your face clear so you can wear glasses to read or watch TV

  • ResMed AirFit N30i features a top-of-the-head tube design that gives you the freedom to sleep in many positions. The nasal cradle cushion sits comfortably under the nose rather than over the nasal bridge - great for side or stomach sleepers.


Model AirFit: P10

  • Easy to use. The AirFit P10's minimalist three-piece design makes assembly, fitting and cleaning a breeze.

  • Easy to assemble. Key-clip nasal pillows feature color-coded sizing and left/right-orientation for fast and easy fitting. The mask easily slips on and off without any extra steps.

  • Comfortable. The mask seals on contact, with trampoline action that lets you move around comfortably without compromising the mask’s seal.

  • Compact, and under-the-nose frame for a clear field of vision

  • Designed to be as comfortable and unobtrusive as possible, the  is also 50% lighter than our previous nasal pillows mask.

  • set comes with 3 pillows size (S, M, L)

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Full Face Mask Model:  AirFit F30

Nasal Mask Model:  AirFit N30i

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Nasal Pillows Mask Model:  AirFit P1O

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